Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Article: Mass Rapes in Congo Reveals U.N weakness

This week has been quite busy at school with Music Festival but that hasn't stopped us on blogging and fundraising for the Congo! So far, our group has been putting boxes around town to donate to the Congo and we raised at least 100$? I'm the only one blogging and I might have to check again. The Congo can change with the help of you, our precious viewer. How? Just talk to your friends, family, pets or whatever about the Congo. You can make a difference!

If you want more info, check out this article! :D


First of all, this article was very horrifying being a female myself. The sexual violence in the Congo is known to be the worst in the world. The article states that, "...the disturbing fact that in Congo’s wars, the battleground is often women’s bodies.", which is utterly true. Just read or watch video's about the stories of poor woman after rape.

"Several women in Luvungi said that after they were raped, the rebels hollered into the night, as if they were celebrating. Mrs. Mburano lay bleeding on her floor, listening."- from the Mass Rapes in Congo Reveals U.N weakness.

After reading that made me really angry. How can people do that? I hate how the rebels do that. That is so horrible! > x <

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