Friday, 16 March 2012

Child Soldiers

Childern of all ages are taken from homes and given the responsibility of the whole country. Parents of children are killed and families are seperated. Children become killing machines and terrorists. Kids aren't supposed to be in war. Kids need to be kids. Not soldiers in war. Children aren't made for that kind of thing. Some are even the same age of us grade 10 kids. Children don't deserve a path like that.

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  1. thats not rite wat they are doing 2 them yall no that will be with them until the day they die? Do u no that they are hurting?

  2. Just read the book Radio Congo, by Ben Lawrence, and got interested in what's happening in Congo - and if the atrocities against civilians have actually stopped, and life is slowly getting back to some kind of normality. Hope the best for the children and future of Congo.

    Interested in knowing what you are doing to support the rehabilatation of people in DRC and how other people can get involved as well.


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