Friday, 6 April 2012

Congolese Food

Greetings from Toronto! The grass is so green here! So different from Alberta! I'm just one person posting today from the group and I always think of food so enjoy this post!

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In the Congo, the land is 2% for farming. Fish is known to be plentiful. There are various lakes and rivers. Fish can be fried, boiled or baked. Congolese food consists of a kind of starchy ingredient along with meat and vegetables that are thrown into a stew. This stew will become into a form of paste. The paste can be either called fufu or ugali.


Fufu is often rolled up into golf sized balls and dipped into a spicy stew.


From Wikipedia

  • Moambe, a sauce or a dish prepared with a sauce usually made from the pericarp (not the seeds) of palm nuts, the fruit of the African oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) tree, in western Middle Africa.
  • Chikwanga or Kwanga, made from cassava, cooked and stored in banana leaves, darker in some parts of the country, nearly white in other parts.

  • Fufu, sticky dough-like dish made of cassava flour. This is a staple dish much as rice or potatoes in other countries.
  • Loso na Madesu - rice and beans.
  • Sombe or Mpondu, boiled, mashed and cooked cassava leaves
  • Ndakala, small dried fish
  • Pili pili, very hot pepper, served with nearly everything, even occasionally dried and sprinkled on fruit.
  • Palm wine made from the sap of a wild palm tree, is fermented by natural yeasts, and gives an alcohol content of between five and seven percent.

All that food is making me hungry......time for a midnight snack! 

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