Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The Lifestyle of the Congolese people

Canada is such a safe place to live. Considering the crime rates.......yeah, I'd say Canada feel safe. The crime rates aren't entirely bad. Well, not that I know of. Anyways, I have wondered what it is like to live in a place like Africa or Mexico. If you ever been in Mexico (I never have!), all you would see is the tourist sites. The tourist sites would look utterly gorgeous and breath taking but its just a mask. Behind that mask is poverty and poor people. If you didn't know, the Congo is considered the richest country in the whole entire world because of all its many resources it has. However, that is just a mask. Behind it lies child soldiers, poverty, orphans, gender-based violence and mass rapes of women.

I looked up of how the people live like in the Congo and I couldn't get any direct information but a whole bunch of article. I read some and its definitely different from here. I read one article called, "Living in fear: Camp life in Congo". The article started out with 17 year-old girl named Madeleine and her story shocked and terrified me. She was raped twice while working and bleed for a week in her home. But her father threw her out thinking she is pregnant with the enemies child. I can't believe that her own father would do something like that. I can never imagine my own father doing that to me. If I got raped, my father would be heart broken and he would still keep me in his home. However, Madeleine's father just threw her out. Her story is so sad! I'm a very sensitive person and I'm crying right now......

Here in Canada, some kids would complain about school and how they hate learning. Well, those kids should shut up and look at the kids from Africa. The kids in Canada should be thankful that we have an excellent school system and working government. Congolese kids don't get the opportunity to learn and go to school. From the article, "Living in Fear: Camp life in Congo", a child complains that life is boring and wants to go school. They want desks, books and uniforms. I was on the verge on crying again because its so sad and heartbreaking. The kids of the Congo are whipped into the world of war. The children of the Congo yearn for their parents while some kids in Canada hate their parents.

If you are wondering what kind of lifestyle the people in the Congo live, here it is. Children and adults basically work and starve. They have to look for food or something to drink. Women are often raped. Children are taken in to be child soldiers. If children are lucky, they get to go to school and actually be happy, normal kids. Children are forced to quit school to work to help their starving families. Its so sad! :( I am really happy that we have agencies or organizations that try and help the people in the Congo. I can't stand it when something with kids getting ignored by the world. They deserve a future.

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  1. It's always heartening to see students getting involved in positive projects. Good luck, I've tweeted this for you :-)

    1. It always makes our days whenever we get comments! This way, we know people are reading! Thank you so much for spreading the word! This means so much to our group and to the people of the Congo! :D :D


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