Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Progress in Social Activism projects

Today in Social class, Mrs. Shepherd talked about our Social Activism projects. Mrs. Shepherd took out a pretty box that consisted of money from a couple groups that went around town and placed donation boxes in the stores. Everybody is doing extremely well. One group got their bracelets today! They get to sell them during Flex time at school to help support the Congo. The bracelets are 2 dollars!

Another group is getting their awarness video together to put up on our school's daily showing of Cat Corner. During class, Mrs. Shepherd estimated the amount of money that the class will make in total. It turns out that we will be making at least 2,000 dollars! That is amazing! :D

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  1. That IS amazing! I have been proud of the work that our activist groups have been putting forward all semester. It will be such a great moment when our group can hand over a cheque to the Friends of the Congo Organization! All students in the class should be proud of their accomplishments to date - it is hard to keep the enthusiasm and momentum alive in Social Activism Projects but we must always keep the goal of the project in mind and help in whatever way possible! Thanks 'Students for the Congo' for getting the message out there and for all of the interesting posts!

    1. :D First comment! Yay!! Thank you sooo much for reading!!


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