Saturday, 23 June 2012

If you want a Congo Bracelet.....

Alright! We had some comments about ordering Congo Bracelets. I'm sorry for not getting to any of you or answering your comments because it has been an extremely busy week at school. We have been wrapping up projects and such. I'm quite sad......but I'll continue to post about the Congo during the Summer!

If you want to order a Congo Bracelet, you can email us your mailing address. Please don't post your mailing address on the blog because I'm sure you don't want stalkers mailing you weird things. You can trust us with your mailing address! *This offer is available for a limited time only. Get your free Congo bracelet now!*

Our mailing address is, Go ahead and email us if you have any questions or comments!

This is how it works. You email us your mailing address and we send one free Congo Bracelet plus a Thank you letter for your support. On behalf of the bracelets, you can donate to the Friends of the Congo. It will be greatly appreciated! :D

If not, you can just tell people about the Congo! Wear your bracelet everyday! I wear mine all the time! People soon started to see the bracelet and asked about them. It was really cool to see the amount of people getting aware about the Congo. Once people starting to notice your bracelet, you know you have the chance to change someone's life by telling your friends, parents and siblings. Join the movement!

"Get the word out"- Kambale Musavuli

Spread the Word!


  1. Thank you for trying to make people aware of the DRC. I sent you a email request for a bracelet and I think a bracelet is a great idea because war and genocide is a subject that is hard to bring up with your friends or just about anyone. Yet what is going on in DRC MUST BE TOLD! People must learn about it so that it will stop and innocent people will stop being slaughtered and raped. I learned about the DRC because I am working on my degree in Military History and the DRC civil war was a small footnote in a article I was reading. I was curious and now I have been learning about the history of the Congo for a year now. The DRC civil wars impacted so much on me that I am now going to focus on the Post Colonial African Civil Wars with the DRC as my main topic in my thesis.

    1. WOW thats awesome! We will send the bracelet over right away! :)

      Thank you for spreading the word!!!


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