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Skype Session with Kamable!

Ideas from the first Skyping session with Kambale!
School is offically over and I totally forgot about this post! I'm such a dork! :P Exams felt brutal......anyways, here's the post! Hope you enjoy it!

Kambale MusavuliSo a couple of days ago (quite a long time ago), we did our last Skype session with Kambale, the famous Social Activist. Remember our last skype session in March? If not, I'll fill you in! Kambale Musavuli is a Social Activist for the Congo. He currently lives in New York (I wish I lived there!). I felt like I was talking to a celebrity! He gave us tons of cool facts and ideas of how we can carry out our Social Activism projects. You can read his bio here!

Basically our last Skype Session was wraping our projects and summurizing our goals and successes and presenting them to Kambale. I was extremely happy when he said that he remembered my name! I feel special.........I actually talked the most because I was talking about the blog. I love talking how great the Congo blog succeeded. He asked questions like, "Where did you get your information", "Where did you put the boxes" and stuff like that. I of course answered them with a happy face. I'm so proud of my group!

After the mini presentations from each group, we presented a big cheque for the Congo. I smiled so much when Kambale told us he was touched. I can't remember what he told us exactly but it was along the lines of, "out of all the Social Activism groups I have known, none of them achieved what you achieved". Sorry if I'm wrong but this skyping session was quite a long time ago! I'm really happy when he said that to the class!
In total, the class raised (drumroll please!) $2541.66! If you asked me, thats pretty amazing! :D

The next day, Kambale tweeted about us! Did you read that? About us!!!

kambale @kambale
A campus of 500 students in a city of 5000 people in Canada mobilized to break the silence through 6 student groups in social activism class

Speaking to students at Wm. E. Hay Composite H.S. today gave me greater hope for Congo. Never seen any school do what they did for Congo.
Students at Wm. E. Hay Composite High School shattered the silence around +raised funds to support Congolese youth on the ground

I just checked my Social teachers blog and the Friends of the Congo sent an email to her! This is so exciting!! :D :D Also, our class is in the Newspaper!! :D

Hello Ms Shepherd

This is Maurice Carney, the Executive Director of Friends of the Congo. I wanted to thank you personally for the remarkable work that you and your students have done. It is not only encouraging but also inspiring. We are truly touched and grateful. Please let every single student, teacher and others who participated know that they have made a difference. We will feature this great work on our website and in our newsletter. At some point, we would love to arrange for you to speak directly with the youth on the ground via Skype. We can arrange for the youth on the ground to speak first to the key organizers and later to a large gathering at your school to thank you personally for your efforts to support their work on the ground inside the Congo.

Please send us the link to the article once it is published. We will look out for the check in the mail and we look forward to your participation in Congo Week.

Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We look forward to continue building with you and the students.

Maurice Carney
Executive Director
Friends of the Congo

Our last day of Social class was really interesting. Unfortunetaly Mrs. Shepherd couldn't make it to the class because she had to interview teachers for the art position. favorite Art teacher is leaving me!!!! T_T That means there won't be a Sign Language club......sigh. :(

Anyways, in Social class, Mrs. Shepherd gave us Fair Trade chocolate (AMAZING!) and Fair Trade Sparkling Juice. > x < It tasted so good I could die! The food was great and it helped people around the world! The chocolate made me so happy! I'm going to miss our social class.......

Have a great summer!! Spread the Word!!!!

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