Friday, 16 March 2012

Why is this happening?

The Congo, also known as the heart of darkness, is the heart of Africa. The Congo was discovered to have tons of minerals such as diamonds, gold, tin, copper, colton, uranium, cobalt, you name it. The Congo has it. The world takes the Congo's resources because the Congo has minerals nessassary for our kind of technology such as cellphones, t.v's etc. The Congo is considered a heaven and rich to the outside but in the inside, the Congo is a hell on earth. War is happening everywhere and the world doesn't even know about it.
People die from starvation and overwork every hour. 50 women are being raped every hour. Children are being taken from their homes to become soldiers. Since the Congo is rich in resources, why is there poverty in the Congo? Maybe the unstable government or just the wars happening now.

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