Monday, 19 March 2012

Cool Video Conference!

So today at 8 am, some students from our group participated in a video conference with several different people such as guest speakers, Naomi Natale- Founder & Director, One Million Bones, Guilia McPherson- Advocacy Alliances Manager, CARE USA and Rose Viva- Project Manager, CARE DRC. We got to see other students from New York, Las Vegas and Chicago which was very cool. Some schools are just learning about the situation through this video conference and that's great. Just talking with different people will raise awarness about the Congo.

It was really interesting to ask questions about the Congo with Rose because she spoke French! We would have to wait for her translator, Pauline Zerla, to translate for us. That was cool.

Read this blog to see who we were talking too and what it was about!

During the video conference, Rose mentioned something called the ETN which a program that takes in former child soldiers and rehabilitate them to become workers in society instead of kids of the army.

It was really cool to ask questions to guest speaker, Naomi Natale. Her project, One Million Bones is to raise awarness about the Congo through Art. Her challenge to us students is to make bones out of clay and send them in to New York so she can use them out of millions of other bones from all over the world to create one huge sculpture. This sculpture will be placed in the National Mall in Washington, DC. One student asked the question, "Why bones?" and Naomi replied with, "We are connected in some way. In the Congo they have minerals that we use for cellphones or laptops. We belong to each other and we need to care of each other."


For more information about her project, read this blog!

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